Journey To Space 3D- Great 3D Effects, Perfect For Beginners

5.0 rating

Adding 3D movies to my vision therapy journey has opened a new world for maintaining the progress I have made and has helped broaden and deepen the 3D that I see in my everyday life. But not all 3D movies are created equal!

This review is based on a few factors:

  1. As a beginner, can I see/feel the 3D effects?
  2. Is it a normal movie with a few 3D effects, or was it built and designed for 3D.
  3. Do the 3D effect come out of the screen or go inside the screen?

I am not worried about plot, acting, or entertainment value. This is strictly based on its therapeutic value for vision therapy.


Journey To Space is a 40 minute documentary about the evolution and future of space travel. As an IMAX film, it is built for 3D and has high quality effects that are seen throughout.

It is a very slow moving movie that makes it perfect for beginners. The scenes aren’t jumping quickly and the 3D effects don’t suddenly pop. It’s a slow and steady movement that allows the brain to interpret and see the depth.

My husband, with perfect stereo vision, thought that it was boring and the 3D effects were just okay.

But for me, someone who is slowly gaining stereo vision, it was fascinating and beautiful.

Effects that Come Out of the Screen- Base Out (BO)

There are a few effects that come out of the screen.

At 8:30 there are amazing stars that are coming out and going into the screen.

At the 10 minute mark, there are suckers inside the space shuttle that float slowly out of the screen.

Again at minute 14, the astronauts gently toss different food items towards the camera for a fun 3D effect.

There are also some underwater and space scenes that have background items that are slightly in front of screen as well. They aren’t as noticeable, but they do add to the depth of the scene for sure.

Again, there is a natural flow to the movie that makes the effects easier to see.

Effects that Go Into the Screen- Base In (BI)

Most scenes have amazing, “into-the-screen” effects.

The space shuttles and ships, planets and stars all have amazing depth that feels more real and more deep than many of the other 3D movies I’ve seen.


In the first half of the movie we see footage from actual takeoffs in the past that were not shot in 3D. These are displayed on a “screen” and have no 3D effects, but the background does have some effects.

While the background has 3D, the actual video is 2D.

There aren’t very many “out of the screen” moments.


Very slow moving so the 3D effects are easier for beginners to see.

The clouds of smoke during take off are SO cool!

Around 8:30 we see several galaxies and the whole scene, especially the stars, is amazing!

The boring subject makes it easy to ignore and just relax into seeing 3D.

Great shots of rockets and shuttles flying through the sky and space.


Anyone with binocular vision problems that is using a 3D TV to aid in therapy should definitely purchase this movie. It is both inexpensive and effective.

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