My name is Melissa and I was born with strabismus. After surgeries, patches, and glasses, I thought I had reached my full visual potential. Through the years my vision declined and my eye began to wander more, leaving me frustrated and seeking solutions.

I created this website to document my progress and share ideas, tools and products that are helping me treat and correct the strabismus that I have been living with my entire life.

My goal is to achieve stereopsis, which means that both of my eyes will coordinate what they see into one, more comprehensive image. This image will have depth and take on a new shape that I am excited to experience for the first time!

For a detailed look at the different surgeries, treatments and therapies I have done and am currently trying, check out my personal timeline from strabismus to stereopsis.

Feel free to leave a message if you have a specific question or you can check out my Instagram @strabismus2stereopsis. I love meeting and talking with people who are sharing these same experiences and building each other up.

Email at melissa@strabismussolutions.com

Thanks for visiting, I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.