Best 3D Movies for Strabismus

Watching 3D movies is an amazing way to improve your binocular vision as you train both eyes to work together!

I’ve been spending the last year sifting through every 3D movie I can get my hands on and I’m compiling a list of the best ones (and the ones that are so-so) below.

But not all movies are created equal!  Beginners like us thrive with high quality graphics and slow movements.

To get set up with the right gear, head over here.

Under the Sea 3D IMAX

Under The Sea is an incredible IMAX 3D movie that should be the first to be purchased for ANYONE with a 3D TV. I give it one billion stars!

It has incredible graphics that lend the 3D effects to being seen, even by beginners.


Avatar is an amazing 3D movie. It was designed for 3D and the whole movie is very well done. This is not one of those 3D as an after thought movies.

As someone with strabismus, the best points include the myriad of scenes in nature.

Journey To Space

Journey To Space is a 40 minute documentary about the evolution and future of space travel.

As an IMAX film, it is built for 3D and has high quality, slow moving effects that make for an amazing 3D movie for beginners.