My Adult Timeline

Another Trip to an Optometrist,
“Your Vision is Perfect!” age 28
August 21, 2018
New Optometrist, and the Beginning of my New Journey age 32

October 14, 2018
I Gain Control of my “Lazy Eye”
December 5, 2018
My First Appointment at Vision Therapy
December 10, 2018
I Discover and Accept that I have a Constant Eye Turn
December 19, 2018
I Begin Home Therapy with a Red Lens Patch

February 19, 2019 I see Double for the First Time

March 14, 2019
I Begin the Amblyoplay
Home Therapy Program
March 22, 2019
An Appointment with an
Prisms, Vision Therapy, and Surgery?

I posted about each vision therapy appointment and had over 40 of them before I started to plateau and decided to move forward with strabismus surgery.